Tender Leaves of Fresh Sorrel Herbs
Tomato Plantings
Winter Farm Scene with Plastic-Covered High Tunnels
The Farm Manager installs supports for the tomatoes
Farm Manager Ties and Knots Lines of Twine for Tomatoes
Garlic bulbs drying out in the sunshine.
Cabbage Leaves with Mountains Wide Angle
Pepper Plants in a Row
White Blossoms on Fruit Trees in Orchard
Picking fresh cilantro by hand.
Pea Blossoms
Farm Manager Walking with Bucket of Produce
Yellow beans on the vine in a field.
Brussels Sprouts
Cucumber Vines Supported on Trellis
Fresh Picked Greens Look Shaved
Drops of dew on Brussels sprouts leaves
Harvesting chard and mixed greens
Fresh Harvest Packing Area
Washing and Spinning Greens in Centrifuge