Chef Katie Weinner adds the finishing touch
Culinary student with piping bag
Food Inspired by a Portrait
Purple kale bunch on white background
The inside of a garlic scape pod.
My friend Earl in antique bus
Chef Katie and maltodextrin
Fresh Picked Greens Look Shaved
Chef trains culinary student in preparing Asian food
Still life food of fresh farm ingredients and produce
Future chef with bat and favorite ingredient, lemons
charcuterie on a mini clothesline
Sorrel herb on white
Interior of Layla Restaurant
Chef Katie Weinner with lobster mushroom
Gluten Free Donuts with Sprinkles
dining room scene at Tony Caputos
Student chef prepares the grates for grilling
Bee Hives at the Farm for Pollination
Various Colorful Peppers
Box of Original Slim Jim brand snack sticks on white
Seeds Drying in the Sun
Farm Manager Ties and Knots Lines of Twine for Tomatoes
Harvesting chard and mixed greens
Picking fresh cilantro by hand.
Seafood Bowl
Cans of sliced olives on white
Chocolate pudding berry bowl with dollop of cream.
Platter of sliders
Neon Colored Easter Egg Still Life
Chef Katie Weinner at work
Woman photographing a Coca Cola bottle
Savory Macaron with Cotton Candy and Tomato Powder
Meyer Lemon Juicing Frenzy
Finishing dish with greens
Red and Green Lettuce Rows
Tender Leaves of Fresh Sorrel Herbs
Rows of broccoli plants
Chef applies microgreens with tweezer
Dagwood Style Grilled Vegetable Vegan Sandwich
Mixed Greens Product Shot on White
View of the Bar at Laylas Restaurant
Fresh parsley bundle on white background
Waiter delivers menu with a smile at Greek restaurant
Fresh Harvest Packing Area
Man serving hot blueberry cobbler
White Blossoms on Fruit Trees in Orchard
Hot Gluten Free Blueberry Cobbler with Biscuits
Bee on a daisy
Pop Up Restaurant table settings
Layla Mediterranean Grill Menu
Stacks of mint wafer candies
dragons fruit and granita
Dagoba dark chocolate bars on white background
Home cook prepares chicken picatta in kitchen
Chefs capture a moment with cell phones
Red radishes on a white background
Ramen noodles, mushrooms, scallions and chop sticks
Scene showing ingredients used to make pasta and sauce
Tomato Caprese Salad with Vegan Cheese
Raking the Dirt and Preparing Rows to Plant
Hand Holding Seeds for Planting
Chefs prepare dinner outdoors at biodynamic farm
Cheers for Checkers Shots
Best selling restaurant cocktail and beer
Table service at local restaurant
Female employee at spice store
Harvesting lavender by hand.
Yellow beans on the vine in a field.
Washing and Spinning Greens in Centrifuge
Layla restaurant building exterior
Popular cocktail
Avenue Bistro Exterior View
Curly Kale in the Snow
Dragon OOlong Tea tin and bags on a white background
The Farm Manager installs supports for the tomatoes
Best selling lunch wrap and fries
Snowy Farm Scene
Purple Cabbage
Brussels Sprouts
Chef Katie Weinner tastes her dish
Pepper Plants in a Row
Culinary student stirs his dish
Chef giving direction to team
Roasted vegetable bowl
Culinary Baking Class
Whole Grain Bowl
Ahi Tuna Crudo
Raspberry and Chocolate Decadence
Tofu with scallions
Jar of Seneca brand apple sauce on a white background
Prepping Tomato Caprese Salad with Vegan Cheese
Bufalo con Pina Tostaditos
Grilled shrimp with peppers
Cozy dining for two
Rows of champagne flutes
Cluster of RIpening Cherry Tomatoes
Winter Farm Scene with Plastic-Covered High Tunnels
Closed and tied bag of purple kale on white
Rattlesnake rabbit and caprese
Pea Blossoms
Cabbage Leaves with Mountains Wide Angle
Garlic bulbs drying out in the sunshine.
Up close cucumber blossoms.
rattlesnack with rabbit and caprese
Artful chef with colorful appetizer
Bursting full bag of purple kale
Culinary student stirs a stainless steel bowl
Male Figure in the Distance of Snowstorm at Farm
Bottle of Millers Clover Honey on white background
Cocktail Shaker with Green Olives on Top
Three green limes one of which is sliced
Roasted Chickpeas on Hummus with Pita Chips
Purple Eggplant
Rows of Plantings
Bunch of cilantro herb
White Eggplant
Cocktail amuse cucumber cigar
Comfort in a Bowl
Open restaurant door
Ortega Fire Roasted Green Chiles in Cans on White
Saso Pepper Sauce Made in Colorado
Sandwich Wrap with Fries and Dipping Sauce
Sun shining through the Lettuce Leaves
tony caputos market exterior
Mediterranean Salad with Cucumbers
Rainbow chard bundle on white
Cucumber Vines Supported on Trellis
Best lunch salad
Seedling Next to Penny
Decorative lighting at the restaurant Layla
Chef samples figs on a long fork
Super Food Still Life
Freshly Picked Onions
Farm Manager Walking with Bucket of Produce
Jar of Old Skool original salsa by Guy Fieri
Drops of dew on Brussels sprouts leaves
Nasturtium leaves and berries
Tomato Plantings
Appetizer with pea pod
Cauliflower Head
Students prepare restaurant food in cooking class
Harvesting cilantro by hand.
Culinary class instruction
Various ancient grains
Green jalapeno pepper ripening on the vine.
Chives in Bloom